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Phibrows artist


We are offering microblading, ombre and combination eyebrows. 

Semi permanent makeup, eyeliner and lip blushing. 

Also all her products are exclusively from world renowned


Maria is studying a masters degree in nursing and works part time in hospitals, with a view to practice as an aesthetic nurse. 

She is very talented and hardworking and passionate about her work and keeps up to date with the newest techniques and technology.

Semi permanent make-up

Semi-permanent make-up is administered into the skin via micropigmentation. Top quality bio-inert pigment is impregnated into the second layer of the skin. All treatments are done with top of the range branded ‘Phibrow’ equipment which is imported from Italy. All needles become biohazardous after usage and are disposed of in line with local council policy, to ensure absolute sterility of equipment for all clients and every treatment.

Semi-permanent treatments differ from permanent treatments because the molecular structure of the pigments are smaller, meaning it does not over saturate the skin. The work will look its darkest and brightest for the next 5 days post treatment, and quickly fade as the skin heals over the pigment.


Potential indications for semi-permanent make-up

  • Complete or partial loss of brow hair from prior medical conditions

  • Thinning of the brows

  • A correction of an undesired shape

  • A correction of a-symmetry

  • Prior overplucking

  • A wish to have defined borders of the brows

       Potential contra-indications for Semi permanent make-up

  • An adverse reaction to the patch test

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding

  • If you are taking immune-suppressants,

  • are undertaking chemo-therapy or other cancer reducing/suppressing treatments.

  • High blood pressure or heart conditions

  • Some blood thinning medications

  • Glaucoma

  • Taking steroids such as Retin-A, Accutane or Cortisone

  • Some infectious diseases such as herpes simplex (Lip treatments only)


Eyebrow Treatments

All eyebrow treatments offered start with a full consolation where shape, style and suitability is discussed. On the day of the treatment, this step will be repeated more in depth, and a precise mapping of the brows will be drawn and amended to an agreed specification. The ratio used to map eyebrows is the golden ratio, which occurs in all beauty. It is also known as the Fibonacci scale. This will align your eyebrows to your other facial features such as your nose, lips, and eyes. This allows the drawn shape to be natural looking, inconspicuous, and aesthetically pleasing.

During the consultation it is very important that a full medical history is taken, all current medications are recorded and reviewed. It is vital that a patch test is carried out to rule out any bad reactions to the products used, particularly the numbing agent – if you have had any adverse reactions to numbing injections at the dentist, you are not suitable for the numbing creams used. 

Price list



Consultation Free 

Microblading £350

Ombre brows £350

6-8 weeks top-up Free

Yearly touch up £175

Semi- permanent eyeliner - PhiContour

Bottom liner                           £200

Lash filler (top baby liner)          £200

Baby top and bottom liners       £350

Decorative top liner.                 £350

Decorative top and bottom line   £400

Lip blush£350

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